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How To Get A Flat Stomach In A Week Or Month – Learn The Secret 5 Easy Steps

How to get a flat stomach in a week or a month? – so this is your question. Some of you (who have tried very hard in past to lose their stubborn belly fat but failed to get any positive results and finally quit) may be a bit skeptical and ask yourself that – Is it really possible to get a flat stomach fast in a week or a month?. Now let me tell you the truth or rather facts – Yes, you can get a flat stomach in a week or in a month (Believe it – I’ll show you how). What is required is – the right knowledge, right exercises, right eating habits, continuous motivation and the willingness to put in that extra bit of effort.

Here are the things that you need to do to get a flat stomach in a week or month :-

1. Break down your meals – This is the very first thing to do. You need to break down your meals and take 5 to 6 small meals in a day rather than having 3 large meals. This will boost you body metabolic process so that your body keeps on burning more calories doing the same regular activities. Never go on a fast – this will slow down your body metabolism.

2. Check and clean your refrigerator or cupboard – Check your refrigerator or cupboard and clear all stocks of food that contains excess fat or carbohydrates, specially all sweet foods, canned foods, sweetened drinks like colas,chocolates and everything that you think may add excess calories to your diet. After you have done that, fill up your fridge with fresh stuffs like vegetables and fruits. Remember green vegetables are the best as they contain the least calories and a lot of fiber (fiber cannot be digested by our system so it adds no calories but definitely fills up our stomach so that their is less space left). Do not eat too much of sweet fruits too as sweet fruits contain a lot of sugar. Eat chicken and fish leaving out the fat. Avoid all forms of red meat.

3. Drink a lot of water – Water has no calories but it does help in filling your stomach. So drink a lot of water all throughout the day. This will also keep your body free from toxins and give you a healthy skin and hair. Remember to drink a glass of water before meals so that you will require less food to feel satisfied.

4. Intensive workouts – Do intensive workouts – that is train hard for a few minutes and then train in a relaxed manner for a few minutes, then repeat. You may do any thing like cycling, walking or running in this pattern. Say for example run fast or sprint for five minutes and then do jogging for ten minutes and then repeat. Do this for about half an hour. This will trick your body system and boost your metabolism tremendously. Also do half an hour of intensive aerobics exercises after this.

5. Small things adds up – Do not use a lift – rather climb the stairs, do not sit too much – rather keep yourself busy doing occasional strolls (walking) whenever you get a chance, do not use a car to go to the market – rather use your bicycle, do not sleep in the afternoon – rather do a bit of walking, do not waste your free time – rather go and play football or hockey or rugby or any game that requires running and etc. In short keep yourself busy and active all throughout the day. Small things can really add up to burn a little more of your accumulated fat each day so by the end of a week or month you would have lost a few extra pounds just for these small activities.

These were the few things that you need to do to get a flat or rather a flatter stomach fast that is in 1 or 2 weeks or rather in a month. Getting a perfect flat stomach will definitely depend on how much fat you are having before you begin – more the fat, more will be the time required by you to lose the fat. Getting a perfect flat stomach in a week or month will also depend upon the amount of effort you are willing to put in following the above tips. What is important is that – if you start following the above stomach flattening tips then I can tell you that you will start seeing results in a week or two for sure. Be sure to check your weight and measure your waistline before you start implementing the tips so that your improvements will fuel you and provide the motivation to stop not till you get a perfect flat stomach.

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I hope by now you have known – How to get a flat stomach in a week? So implement the tips and see the results for yourself. Never forget to report your positive results by commenting on this page on how these tips helped you to get a flat stomach in 1 to 2 weeks or a month.