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3 Steps To Getting A Flat Toned Stomach

Getting a flat toned stomach is necessary not only to make oneself look appealing and smart but also to be and feel healthy and fit. There can also be other reasons such as for example a flat stomach makes a person fit to put on any fashionable attire he or she may like. Getting a flat stomach can also give a boost to a person’s overall personality making him much more confident and approaching. Whatever may be the reason but the fact is we all want to get a flat stomach rather than a bulging stomach.

But to get a flat stomach we must obviously know what are the reasons that cause a bulging tummy. Naturally we all know that a bulging belly is caused due to the accumulation of excess fat in the stomach region – more the amount of fat that accumulates more is the bulge. Now where does this excess fat come from – it comes from the food that we take. So to get a flat stomach we naturally have two tasks at hand :-

  • check the further accumulation of fat
  • to shed the already accumulated fat.

Here are a few things that would surely help you in the above two tasks and getting a flat stomach fast :-

1. Check What You Eat – As I have already said that the fat in our body comes from the food we take so eating the wrong food that is food containing a lot of carbohydrates and fat can increase the accumulation of fat and hamper our dream of getting a flat stomach fast. The following things will help you to check that :-

  • Eat foods high in fibre content – That is eat more of leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits. These are full of nutrients and the fibre content makes them to stay longer in our stomach. The fibre is made of cellulose which is not digested by our digestive system and only serves to increase the bulk of the food. As the fibre is not digested so it remains longer in our stomach thus making us feel less hungry. Fresh vegetables and fruits also contain lot of water, minerals and vitamins which is good for our system. Fresh vegetables and fruits are also less rich in carbohydrates and fat. Lesser the amount of carbs and fat you consume more faster you will get a flat stomach.
  • Prefer Brown to White bread or rice – Because brown varieties are more filled with natural fibre and essential nutrients in compared to the white ones. The white ones are more refined ones that are refined to the point that then contain maximum carbohydrates which could accumulate as fat. So switch to brown wholesome bread and rice.
  • Drink a lot of water – Water helps in filling up our stomach but gives no calories. So start you day with a glass of water instead of tea or coffee. Drink water while eating which will fill you up faster without any calories being added. Avoid colas and soft drinks, instead drink water. Moreover water helps in absorbing the nutrients properly and flushing out harmful toxins from your body thus making you healthy and glowing.
  • Read the labels – It is advisable to avoid tinned, caned or packaged food but if you would have to take these then read the labels properly before you buy one. Avoid foods containing a lot of calories.

2. Watch When You Eat – Take six small meals a day rather than three or four heavy meals. It is proved that our body metabolism increases after taking food. So eating more small meals a day instead of few large meals will increase the body metabolism and thus our body will burn more calories for whatever activities we do. Hence more the amount of calories burnt more will be the amount of accumulated fat melting away and more tough it will become for our body to accumulate new fat thus assisting you in acquiring a lean well toned figure with a perfect flat stomach. But avoid snacks like chips, chocolates and fried nuts which are packed with carbs and fat.

3. Be Involved In Physical Activities – We know that physical activities needs energy and thus getting involved in physical activities all through the day rather than resting or sitting idle will help in burning a lot of our calories. Get involved in walking, prefer going up or down using the stairs instead of the lift, prefer walking short distances instead of using your car or bike, do your work yourself rather than ordering somebody, avoid afternoon sleep – in short keep yourself active all through the day. Start a regular exercise routine. Prefer aerobic exercises to strength exercises because aerobic exercises burns much more calories. Strength exercises helps more in toning muscles. You can choose walking, jogging, cycling too as these are good aerobic exercises. Include some exercises like crunches or lied-down leg raises to hit the stomach region particularly – this will help in burning away the excess fat of the stomach region and tone your muscles at the abs region eventually getting a flat and toned six pack stomach for you. But never hurry, remember to start slow and gradually increase.

I hope these advices helps you and answers all your questions on – How to get a flat stomach?