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Best Flat Stomach Exercises | Effective Six Pack Abs Workouts – Myths Busted

Do you want to know what are best and most effective Flat Stomach Exercises? Ask any person around you – What are the Best Exercises to Get a Flat Stomach? 99% of people will reply without doubt – Crunches, Leg Raises and Sit-Ups are the Best Flat Stomach Workouts. But the fact is that crunches, sit-ups and leg raises are the least effective exercises for getting a flat stomach. In fact you can get a flat six pack stomach without doing even a single crunch or sit-up. Surprised? Read through to know why these are the least effective exercises to get a flat tummy and further to know the exercises that will help you to get a flat stomach fast.

Persons who want to get a flat toned stomach do hundreds of so called flat stomach exercises like crunches, sit-ups, leg-raises and lying down bicycling as often as possible, thinking that doing so will help then to target the stomach fat and thus get rid of the belly fat fast. But extensive scientific research has shown that there is no “spot reduction” of fat possible targeting any area of our body. All exercises, including the so called flat stomach exercises, burns fat from all over the body.

So to get rid of the layer of fat on our tummy fast we need to do exercises that burn the most calories and also adopt a healthy low calorie diet. This is required because to get a flat stomach at first we are required to burn off or melt our stomach fat that is hiding our stomach or ab muscles.

Abs exercises like crunches, leg raises and sit-ups no doubt helps in toning and developing our abs muscles but what’s the use if the muscles are hidden behind a layer of stubborn belly fat. The so called stomach flattening exercises burns very less calories and therefore can do very little in getting rid of the stomach or body fat layer.

Therefore we need to do exercises that burns off maximum calories and also helps in boosting our metabolism. Boosting our metabolic process will help our body keep on burning calories all throughout the day faster than normal thus melting more accumulated fat.

There are basically two types of exercises that burns maximum calories faster and also help in increasing our metabolic rate. They best exercises that help you in getting a flat belly or stomach are:-

1. Aerobics Workouts – Aerobics exercises are instant calorie burners. We burn a lot of calorie while doing aerobics exercises. This is because our body gets adequate supply of oxygen during the aerobics workouts and so is able to burn maximum calories faster. Remember to make your aerobics workouts intense to burn up more calories and increase your body metabolic rate. You can join an aerobics class or can do brisk walking, jogging, running, swimming or play any game that requires total physical involvement like basketball, volleyball, badminton, football and etc.

2. Weight Training Or Resistance Workouts – You would be surprised to know that weight training or resistance workouts are the best flat stomach exercises or abs exercises that you can do to flatten your stomach faster. Why? There are three reasons which makes it the most effective exercises to get a flat stomach :-

  • They Burns more calories – Weight or resistance training burns more calories because your muscles have to workout much harder.
  • They increase Metabolism – Weight training or resistance training boosts your metabolic rate so that your body keeps on using up more energy all throughout the day for the same regular activities. Thus helps in much more fat loss than regular exercises.
  • They build larger muscles – Weight or resistance workout helps in developing larger muscles. Its obvious that larger muscles will require more energy to function thus burning more calories not only during workout but all throughout the day doing your usual day-to-day activities. As a result your body burns off fat faster than usual. Focus on exercises that builds the larger muscle groups of your body like legs, back and chest and see the affect for yourself.

I hope you have got a rough knowledge about what type of exercises are best for flattening your stomach. But just an overview is not sufficient because what you require is to know the exact exercises that produce the most effective and fast results. So that you can be on the right track from the very beginning of your goal to achieve a flat and toned stomach. This is where an expert guidance is very essential. So please do a favor to yourself and get a guide that will show you the exact exercises that has been proved to show best results in burning the stubborn belly fat and thus help in flattening your stomach fast. You will also get to know the exact foods that you must eat to be able to burn the extra calories and shed the accumulated stomach fat. Fat loss programs or guides are quiet affordable nowadays.

A guide will help you to know the science of fat loss and most importantly SAVE you from wasting your precious time and getting frustrated like the thousands who try to lose stomach fat without a proper guide but fail. They keep on trying out various so called flat stomach exercises and diets that they must have heard here-and-there only to be disheartened and quit after a few months.

The only guide that I would suggest you is – Fat Loss Factor – written by Dr. Charles D.C. who is a very well renowned and acclaimed weight loss expert – it is designed to help you lose 8 lbs every 9 days that is up-to 25 pounds per month – with just 15 minutes of easy and fun to do exercises 3 to 4 day a week – with no major change in your daily food habits. Click on -> Fat Loss Factor Official Site – to watch a free video to know more and discover why this program has become a hot craze among weight loss  aspirants all-round the globe.

The combined effect of the most efficient flat stomach exercises and proper diets that you get from a program or guide will no doubt help in achieving a perfect physique with a sparkling six pack flat stomach in a month. Good Luck!