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How To Get A Flat Stomach With Six Pack Abs But Without Doing Crunches

Today I will tell you – How To Get A Flat Stomach With A Six Pack Without Doing Crunches. It is a fact that we all want to get a 6 Pack Flat Stomach but it is also a fact that most of us hate crunches which is thought of as the greatest exercise to shape and bring out your Six-pack. What if I can show you a way to obtain a flat stomach with a 6 pack without having to do any crunches at all? – I suppose that will be great news for all the persons who hate crunches or sit-ups. To say the truth even I hate doing crunches and never ever done it after I discovered the secret to getting a 6 pack flat toned stomach without doing any type of crunches or sit-ups whatsoever. Just read through to know the facts and discover how you too can achieve a flat well toned abdomen sparkling with a six pack.

The fact is that – Crunches are one of the most misunderstood, misused, ineffective, overemphasized and abused exercises to get a flat six pack stomach – Stunned! Lets know the facts why Crunches are ineffective in giving you a wash-board flat tummy with the most desired sculpted 6-pack :-

1. No Spot Reduction Of Fat – The most popular belief is that crunches exercise the abdominal muscles so they must be effective in reducing fat on and around the abdomen. But the very first fact that you must know is that – contrary to the popular belief crunches in no way whatsoever helps in spot reduction of fat. As any other exercise does it too helps in burning fat or calories from all parts of your body rather than only the part you are exercising – your stomach.

2. No Bringing Out Of Your Six-Pack – The normal believe is that crunches will bring out our 6-pack so people who are bent on getting their 6-pack exposed go on doing crunches as frequently as possible but sadly without any positive results. The fact is that crunches can only be a resistance training exercise for your abdominal muscles helping to build and tone them up in the same way that you use exercises like bicep curls to develop your biceps or triceps extension to develop your triceps but in no way bring out your six-packs. Crunches may help you develop your abs muscles but what’s the use if they remain buried under the stomach fat layer thus not bringing out your six-pack.

3. Fatal For Your Spine And Your Lower Back – The most fearful fact is that crunches or sit-ups can be fatal for your Spine or Lower Back – we have only one Spine for our life and remember it can never be repaired. Bio-mechanics research has proved that crunches put our spine in the most unnatural and stressful position which can result in injury or strain. Crunches or sit-ups also awkwardly strain our lower back muscles. The so called fitness experts are mostly unaware of this bio-mechanical aspect of crunches otherwise they too would have never prescribed crunches to develop your abs.

I hope by now have learned that Crunches will in no way bring out your 6-pack abs and on the contrary may even injure you. So now you must be interested in knowing what you should be doing to get a six-pack or put in another way your question is – How To Get A 6-Pack Abs Without Doing Crunches? Simply follow the following tips from the program that I followed :-

1. Exercise But No Crunches – Exercise for at least 3 times a week according to your convenience. Use resistance or weight training to develop or grow your muscles because bigger muscles will burn up more calories for even the regular activities and will thus help you in burning up the excess fat and make you ripped. Specifically target to develop your larger muscles groups like thighs. Weight or resistance training also helps in increasing your metabolic rate for the rest of your day so you burn more calories for your usual activities. No need of doing any specific abs exercise like crunches or sit-ups because we all have our 6-pack abs naturally but it is hidden behind the layer of fat on our abdomen so what we need is to melt off the accumulated fat so that our 6-pack is exposed. In fact the abdominal muscles are not meant to pull our body into a forceful curling or crunching position as is done when we are doing our crunches. Whereas in reality they are meant to stabilize our trunk that is to keep our upper body in position when we move our arms and legs during activities like running, walking, standing up, bending forward, jumping, throwing a ball, playing and etc. All of these motions in fact are always working, building and toning our abdominal muscles without forcing us into the potentially dangerous position of a crunch. So you do not need any abdominal specific exercises at all to build your abs because you have been building then all through out your life

2. Change Your Lifestyle – Remain active all through out the day because activity keeps your calories burning and prevents the accumulation of fat on your body. Activities like avoiding lifts and using the stairs, using your bicycle or walking to go to the nearby places rather that using your motorcycle or car and etc can contribute a lot in helping you to burn the extra calories. Play physical games at least once a week.

3. Lower Your Calorie Intake – Watch what you eat and gradually decrease your fat and carbohydrate intake. Eat foods that contain a lot of fiber because fiber cannot be digested by our system so it just increases the food volume and thus helps in filling our stomach without contributing any additional calories. Raw vegetables and fruits contain a lot of fiber so take them as salads or in any other form. Avoid processed or canned food items. Also drink a lot of water as it too contain no calories but definitely helps you in filling your stomach. Avoid taking sugar.

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